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Rumi Network is dedicated to the brilliant and radical Persian poet and philosopher of the 13th Century, Rumi. This site is based on the work of award-winning Rumi translator & scholar, author, lecturer, performance poet, recording artist and teacher of advanced spirituality, Shahram Shiva.

Shahram Shiva is one of the original translators and popularizers of Rumi.
Shiva began translating the poetry of Rumi as a young prodigy in the '80s and has been presenting Rumi concerts and workshops in the US ever since. Shiva's translations of Rumi have been published in a few books including the unique Rending The Veil, which is a recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Award. They are also available in two groundbreaking music albums "Rumi: Lovedrunk" and "Love Evolve" an album of original songs and Rumi poems. Shahram Shiva is the voice of Rumi for the 21st Century.

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Shahram Shiva's celebrated "Rumi: Lovedrunk" CD, has been reissued in superior sound quality, with enhanced audio and new mastering. Each note, each beat and each word has been enhanced. This latest audio enhanced version is titled "Rumi: Lovedrunk - Remastered." It's available at all music download sites. Physical copies to be available soon. The old version of this CD will be phased out.

Rumi: Lovedrunk

Rumi: Lovedrunk is a groundbreaking audio project that features several talented musicians from Persia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., and includes original compositions by Glissant and Harrison. This album blends the exotic and the meditative with hip grooves and inventive arrangements and the deep, resonant and hypnotic voice of Shahram Shiva.

This meticulously composed and produced CD is much more than a “Spoken Word” project and can be listened to both for the beauty and power of Rumi’s words, as well as for the captivating and inspiring mood of the music and poetic images. It is the uncompromising artistic statement of three diverse and committed artists.

Rumi, Thief of Sleep:
Quatrains from the Persian

(Hohm Press, 2000)
This paperback with a foreword by Deepak Chopra,
contains selections of the
best of the English translations
that appeared in Shiva's award-winning book Rending the Veil.

“In Persian, there are four levels of friendship each relating to a degree in closeness and intimacy: Aashenaa (to know someone casually), Doost (a close friend), Rafeegh (your best friend) and Yaar (your inseparable lover). However, these levels are independent of the type of physical connection you have with someone. These degrees of closeness explain your deep soul connection with another being; your spouse, therefore, may only be your Aashenaa, or you may have a perfect platonic relationship with a Yaar. Some mystics measure their intimacy with God and the Beloved by using these levels. For RUMI, the Beloved and Shams were one, and both (as one) were his Yaar. That could explain why Rumi’s verses are being dubbed “love poems.” Should they be anything less?”

From the Introduction by
Shahram Shiva

“Words can heal, they can transform our lives and bring joy, meaning and purpose. Words can bring us closer to God. Such are the words of Rumi. In Thief of Sleep, Shahram Shiva (who embodies the culture, the wisdom and the history of Sufism in his very genes) brings us the healing experience.”

Deepak Chopra
author of How to Know God and
several NY Times Bestsellers

Hush Don't Say Anything to God:
Passionate Poems of Rumi

(Jain Publishing)
Shiva's book of lyrical interpretations of Rumi
was released in October 1999.

A book of verses of Rumi by an award-winning translator and poet. This selection catches Rumi in a rare mood and these are some of Rumi's most passionate and heartfelt expressions, each poem resonating with the intensity and fire rarely seen in English language before.

Shiva says, "Rumi--I am constantly reminded--is a miracle. Everything about him is absolute magic. Poetry in perfect rhyme and meter poured out of him as he whirled for hours on end, or as he fell into various states of ecstasy and rapture. There is music, rhythm and breath in most of his poems in Persian language. In my work as a translator I try to bring out some of these nuances. I try to pay a special attention to Rumi as a Persian mystic, and to the origin and the method of the creation of these timeless, sublime and always magical words."

"...These verses are not just meant for the libraries or the classrooms of academia. They are meant to be recited by human lovers and lovers of God. The passion of Rumi expressed in this book by Shahram Shiva will restore the exultation of spirit in your Being. This passion is holy and it will heal you..."
Deepak Chopra
author of How to Know God and
several NY Times Bestsellers

Rending The Veil:
Literal and Poetic Translations of Rumi

(HOHM Press)
Shiva's groundbreaking book of 252 poems of Rumi,
each presented in 4 versions, including the Persian and English.

Rending the Veil was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award for best book in the religion category by the American Booksellers Association. It is groundbreaking translation that traverses the world by which Rumi is brought into English -- from calligraphic Persian, to phonetic Persian, to literal English translations, to Shiva's own finely-wrought poems.

Please visit a flash presentation of Rending the Veil for more info.


>> Shahram Shiva's Rumi poems have now been translated into Chinese in a new book released in 2017.

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>> Listen to a 30-min radio interview with Shahram Shiva by host Mari Frank on KUCI.FM in SoCal.

>> Watch a Talk Show Interview with Shahram Shiva on Actors Entertainment with host Kim Estes. A Pepper Jay Productions.

>> An Interview with Spirituality Teacher Shahram Shiva by Eliza Gales Interviews

>> Shahram Shiva is conducting a tour of Los Angeles area. Please visit our EVENTS section for more info.

>> Shahram Shiva's celebrated new album LOVE EVOLVE is on the Newswire: "New Album by #Rumi Expert, Shahram Shiva Blends Chill-out and Dance Music with #Yoga and Spiritual transformation."



March 22, 2017
Beyond Yoga: Rev Up Your Soul Evolution
Talk, Workshop, Experience

Mystic Journey Bookstore, Venice, CA

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 6:30 PM
Contact Mystic Journey at 310.399.7070

Join Shahram Shiva,Join Shahram Shiva, the renowned Rumi expert, author, recording artist and teacher of advanced spirituality for an empowering and potentially life transforming event. Shiva is one the original translators and popularizers of Rumi.

> Go to Rumi’s place beyond right & wrong.
> Learn the wisdom & secrets beyond yoga.
> Move beyond your childhood programming.
> Live beyond all "isms."
> Tap into universe's infinite love energy & learn to manifest your vision & fulfill your dreams with guided visualization & meditation.
> Find answers to your life questions such as: Where are you in your own evolution and what is next for you.
> Rumi’s riddle the “secret door.”
> Does God exist, or what is Beyond Human?
> Rumi Poetry & more…

March 24, 2017
An evening of Rumi with Shahram Shiva
Talk, Transmission, Rumi Poetry

Awakenings Center, Laguna Hills, CA

Date & Time
Friday, March 24, 2017, 7-9PM
Contact Awakenings Center 949.457.0797

Join Join Shahram Shiva, the renowned Rumi translator, author, recording artist & teacher of advanced spirituality for an unforgettable evening devoted to Rumi. Shiva is one of the original translators and popularizers of Rumi.

Passionate Poems of Rumi.
Rumi’s Untold Story.
Rumi’s Riddle “The Secret Door.”
Rumi’s Place Beyond Right & Wrong.
Tap Into Universe's Infinite Love Energy with Guided Visualization.
And more…


>> Shahram Shiva's voice brings alive the timeless soul of our beloved Rumi.
Hazel Patterson
Yoga Instructor

>> The music is beautiful and the lyrics are powerful. The production values are excellent. Great work!
Todd Steifel
Stiefel Freethought Foundation

>> I have been truly enjoying your amazing LOVE EVOLVE CD. Thanks for developing your gift into such a set of skills and for combining the art with the consciousness and sharing it with the world. In appreciation of you and gratitude for sharing your art with me. Keep up the great work!
Foster Gamble
Founder of the Thrive Movement

>> LOVE EVOLVE radiates a beautiful and inspiring message for our dynamic ever changing world. Shahram Shiva has the ability to fuse modern, progressive new age / chill out music and sounds with profound spiritual insights. His hypnotic voice and empowering poetry sounds effortless and blends beautifully with the pulsating, smooth and ever evolving soundtracks. Very unique - highly recommended.
Suzanne Doucet

>> Shahram Shiva's CD LOVE EVOLVE is catching the world by storm. It is an album of original songs & Rumi inspirations. This is the 2nd CD from Shahram, after "Rumi: Lovedrunk." LOVE EVOLVE is dynamic, exciting, adventurous and captivating. The dramatic messages and music is transformative. Each track has it's own story and sound. Modern, hypnotic, it will rock your soul.
Gary Goldberg, radio host
"In The Spirit" on WRPI.org & WRPI-FM

>> Sometimes provoking, sometimes tender, yet always dynamic, Love Evolve blends poetry and music for a unique sonic experience. Intense percussion, soaring female vocals and trance inducing rhythms create the backdrop, while Shahram Shiva masterfully recites original poetry along with some of his favorite Rumi translations. This is one you don't want to miss.
Bette Timm
Music Reviewer

>> I am blown away by the songs. They are amazing. Wow, very powerful, touching and uplifting. Love Evolve will impact the lives of the masses and spread love & light to all.


Wow, those words are really beautiful and inspiring. Felt like a new person after listening. Thanks!
Wouter Kellerman
Flutist - 2015 GRAMMY winner

>> Things come to us at the right time, and that is when this music came to me. When I was ready to hear it, accept it, know it, resonate with it, evolve with it and become part of it. I'm sure this music will also come to many of you who are ready for it, you with a beautiful and "progressive heart" as Shahram so eloquently puts it.
Laura Sullivan

Pianist & Composer - 2014 GRAMMY winner

>> I enjoyed listening to your album, "Love Evolve." You have a great voice for sure. I found your work to be very thought provoking yet enjoyable to listen to. It was interesting how your voice (deeper vocal register) was contrasted by the higher female vocalists. Well done there!!! The rhythmic element provides that visceral reaction with the help of the electronic effects setting up a pleasing atmosphere. The lyrics got me thinking though. Thank you!
Leonardo Le San
Pianist & Composer

>> I downloaded Love Evolve from iTunes. It's cool because I can listen to it right on my iPhone. It's actually more jazzy and psychedelic than I realized at first. Great mystical lyrics, hypnotic vocals with some futuristic touches... But the flute and drums keep it earthy. Very danceable. Really nice!

>> soul food-music combined with love.

>> Listening to LOVE EVOLVE is like opening the door after a long day to find my sacred Lover has lit the candles and incense and prepared a delicately sensuous meal which he offers me by hand.

>> Fascinating, mind-altering album, with beautiful empowering poetry set to jazzy psychedelic music. Very sensual too! It seems to get deeper every time I listen to it.
via iTunes



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