RUMI: Lovedrunk

This is easily the coolest Rumi recording I've heard. The relaxed atmosphere and unusual production is very refreshing and unexpected with a poet that is generally treated like a saint. Well, even if he was a saint, I think he'd like it better this way. Kudos to Shahram, Michael and Olivier.
Stephen Hill, Host & Producer
HEARTS of SPACE: slow music for fast times

Shahram Shiva's Rumi: Lovedrunk ignores the fact that more than seven centuries, and half a world separate contemporary Americans from the mystical, magical poetry of Jallaladin Rumi.  In Lovedrunk, Shiva proves that Rumi's ideas and images can still resonate with us today.
John Schaefer, Host & Producer
NEWSOUNDS, on WNYC-FM and NPR stations

The words of Rumi have never sounded more appealing. Set to intricate musical rhythms simplified through the trance-techno sounds of today. The well orchestrated yet concise music and words sensually rendered by Shahram Shiva weave a soundscape that resonates through the body as if it were a tuning fork. Deeply enriching.
Gary Goldberg, Host & Producer
In The Spirit, on WRPI-FM

Hypnotic, culturally expansive, 'Lovedrunk' brings the deep power of the poetry of Rumi into the light of today. The musical voice of Shahram Shiva winding through ancient instrumentation and the pulsing grooves of Olivier Glissant all make for an infectious tapestry of sound.
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Grammy Nominated Singer and Songwriter

Lovedrunk is a stereo love-match of body and spirit, as the artists render Rumi to voice and music. In his book Rending the Veil, Shahram Shiva describes Rumi¹s use of the word "drunk" as "being enraptured by a divinely induced state of ecstasy." While you listen, you may choose to dance, to meditate, or even to wash dishes -- and all at once, if you like. It is the listener¹s choice to focus in on the music, or the voice, or the creative collaboration of both. I can imagine listening to LoveDrunk in the subway. The smile, the look on the listener's face I imagine might prompt the rider across to wonder 'what is s/he listening to'? LoveDrunk does us the favor of connecting us to Rumi in the context of the contemporary.
Ginger Miles
Radio Producer, NPR

Shahram speaks with the fervor of ancient Sufi master Rumi.
R.A. Fish, composer and percussionist, quoted from his latest CD Fish on the Desert

Listening to Shahram perform Rumi's poetry, I was transported to the world of Rumi.
Michael Harrison, composer and pianist

...In Lovedrunk Shiva has dipped briefly but deeply into the vast ocean of words that Rumi left us and set them to music composed by Olivier Glissant. The music and words complement each other so completely that you begin to wonder how you ever heard Rumi’s poetry without it. It is a lushly sensual, passionate, devoted, and contemplative trek through the mystic heart from beginning to end.

In several tracks Shiva marries spoken Persian with English and the two languages entwine like, well, like lovers. It is an erotic interplay of cultures and concepts much as the music itself, which is a blend of Middle-Eastern tonalities and phrasings over western beats. The combination is a seduction of the intellect and the senses, rendered by a Lover, embraced by the Beloved. In Rumi’s own words, the two are one in such a way that there is no telling which originated where. The CD is so well-paced and crafted that it’s challenging to pick out one track as a “favorite...”
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I thought I'd listen to Lovedrunk while performing my chores this morning...I found however, that it demanded my undivided attention; it is not something to listen to in the background. Bravo! It is a masterpiece! I found myself lost in the music, the poetry, and your voice. Lovedrunk is sensual and ecstatic...a flurry of breathless kisses for my soul. Thank You...I can't wait for it to be released. I plan on giving it as a gift to my favorite people.
PS: Also perfect for whirling...but, you know that!

'Lovedrunk' is very impressive. It should come with a warning: do not play while driving. It is so hypnotic that I had to pull over, stop the player and wait until I got home before listening to the rest of the CD. Bravo!
New Paltz, NY

The kind of thing I can listen to over an over again and continue to be interested and find new meaning. There are many parts in which Shahram puts into words, thoughts and ideas I've had but never knew a way to verbalize. It was further interesting because it allows the listener to visualize something going on or happening; few other artists/poets/singers are able to capture their listener visually the way Lovedrunk does...very thought provoking.

I was playing the Lovedrunk CD one day, when my boyfriend, who is a State Trooper walked in and heard it. He not only loved it, he started to move with it. I was so surprised to find out that he likes your CD as much as I do. Since then we have played it for our friends and other Troopers and reaction has been totally positive all the way around. Thanks for the wonderful CD.

It's hard to find adequate words to describe how this CD affects me! I wouldn't have wanted to wait any longer than I had to for this amazing work.... it oozes the kind of passion for God that touches me inside. What a wonderful thing you created! Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Your CD is absolutely extraordinary in its brilliance. The music strikes a chord deep within my soul, where it seems almost ageless and ethereal. Your interpretations and recitations of Rumi's poetry are brilliant, and when coupled with your melodic arrangements, create a masterpiece! Thank you for this beautiful CD; I enjoy listening to it every day!

We LOVE it!!! The music and your voice are amazing. We would love to see you perform. We had an amazingly powerful and close evening just sitting holding hands, and listening to you. Thank you!

I listened to your music last night and did have a good sleep. Your music brought me into a state I have never experienced before. For the first time I lost control of myself in music. It was floating in the stream of love and contentment. Great music, really!

I have just received my CD at work, and cannot get anything done because my eyes are rolling up in my head from the sheer beauty of what you have produced.

I love the CD....hearing you recite Rumi, I feel myself submerged in a sea of ecstatic devotion where I want to drown... Thank You for having the courage to bring this level of intensity and passion to the world...

Congratulations on the release of your oh-so-beautiful CD!! It continues to infuse my days with a connection to the divine and your voice brings me to a soulful, timeless place amidst the mundane minutes of my days. Wishing you huge success with the release and here's hoping for many more to come.....I'd still love to hear more in the Persian...your sultry voice is intoxicating and mesmerizing...

Shahram Shiva is the Persian Barry White... Oh that voice...
Jennifer Lee

Can I give this CD 17 stars???!!! It is unbelievable, has truly changed my life. Shahram Shiva's voice fits perfect with the poetry he writes! The music makes it even better, this cd is not to be missed!!!!! My favorite has to be the track "I've Got You Now", great track. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS CD!!!! It has gone to the top of my cd collection and will easily move very fast to the top of yours. All I can say is 5 words, WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! mesmerizing...
Andrew P.

i FINALLY heard your lovedrunk CD and it is just too beautiful for words. the production and arrangements on your recording are impeccable. this is by far the most sophisticated and elegant rendition of Rumi i have ever heard. you have avoided the "new age" cliche and brought real texture and grace to this timeless material. the way your voice curls thru the melodies is warm and welcoming. and of course the persian excerpts are a wonderful element, offering an authenticity and a surprisingly familiar rhythm to these verses. thank you and congratulations!
Chris Harvey

Hearing your voice, ignited a flame to which one can only surrender, lasting for hours.
I have heard Rumi before and read him a la Mr. Barks. There is no comparison. In your voice, is captured all the timbre of emotion, love, passion, devotion, delight, playfulness, truth and more. Has Rumi's voice permeated your own? Become you? Thank you for sharing you with us all.

Kalama H.

Your album Lovedrunk has given me such joy and woken up parts of me that have been closed for a very long time.
Kathleen M.

I have spent the last 24 hours listening to your CD. I will not say much about how my heart is melting, but I will say this: Thank you, thank you, thank you. The way in which you translate and utter these words of love is true, oh so true. One can only hope you will release more of these jewels set to music. Thank you, dear Soul for pursuing your dream and sharing it with all.

From the core of my heart I would like to extend my appreciation and love for this beautiful soulful work. It is an amazing intoxicant. Really enjoyed listening to it. Every single word is so profound that it needs to be listened again and again. Thanks for such a beautiful, brilliant work.
Geetanshu A.
Mystica Music - India

Just a note to once again thank you for infusing your CD with a Spirit that flows out through my CD player and washes over and into me so that even as I'm driving way too through my day and my life...wearing my sue-the-realtor persona...trying to be and do all I think I need to be and do...even then.....your voice ,so seductive and sensual, draws me in... into that divine DESIRE/ LOVE zone. All of the pretense falls away and I once again feel connected,tuned in.

The CD arrived from CDBaby and I put it on straight away. Finally was able to hear the songs not demonstrated here on MySpace. They are, of course, all of the same fine quality as those here. Rumi's verses are such a diamond mine which you so eloquently deliver in English along with the accompanying music. I listened to the entire album straight through twice in row, but it will take a long time to really absorb it. The verses of Rumi retain their magically spell through the ages. You hear one verse that twirls so perfectly balanced as it dances on the razor's edge and cuts to the chase piercing through to your heart. You recover and think: "Aha — this Rumi must have peaked. What more could he say that could touch my heart so again?" And then amazingly another verse comes and then another. Again and again the great Sufi peels away veil after veil revealing the secret of secrets — Love. It puts you in a different place. Your higher self is listening. Absorbing it. There is Truth to it. You certainly cannot read while listening to Rumi's verses. Like so many seem to say in there reviews on CD Baby it helps focus on the inner. Thanx for an extraordinary album. The world needs to hear this!

Today I had the pleasure of listening to your works, and I enjoyed it so veeeeeery much. It takes a lot for me to get impressed by the Persian artists outside of Iran and I give that to you. What you are doing is absolutely beautiful. I was born and raised in Iran. I know the poems. I know molana Rumi and almost every night I take a look at my "divane Hafez". I used to play daf when I was back in Iran. Keep up the good work up. I'll try to get your CD ASAP. Good luck with you and looking forward for your performance in LOS ANGELES.

I just got your CD...I LUV it! Dadgum! This is some seriously sensual stuff! Really beautiful Shahram (Let's see...that would be Shahhh-ra-um in hickphonics?)...All I can say is "Thank you!" I especially love to hear the words in the language in which it was written ( I have no idea what language it was...but it was perfect!) sounded soooo...I don't know...right. While I was listening...I kept it seemed I was remembering something. Maybe I was being Re-Membered to LOVE by your beautiful words! Such a beautiful the music was just dancing around your words. I'll have to get your books, now, and read all about Mister Rumi!
Your New Fan,
Bobbi Jo

Sp e c t a c u l a r.....CD!!!!
Everybody should have this is a revelation to divine love, to the opening of our sacred is the freeway to finding ourselves....such love, such beautifully done..... and so passionate.
I am soooo grateful you are my friend as you are helping me traverse the path towards my own 'becoming' towards my own 'remembering'......
As you so beautiful say in your Cd:

Seven Pearls...
"Become this...fall in love, there is no you know what you are? you are a manuscript of a divine letter, you are a mirror reflecting a noble face...this universe is not outside of you....look inside yourself...look inside yourself...everything that you are already that!"

Your voice has the power and knowingness to take us to the Beloved's World...
Thank you ~ Namaste...


Oh, Shahram,
Your CD has captured and captivated me. Helping to keep me in that "lovedrunk" space of the awakened heart. It has come at just the right time (doesn't everything?). I have long loved Rumi ever since the early Seventies in London when the Sufis started me on the Path to Love.
The music, together with the words of the poems you have chosen have been working and working on me. Words become meaningless in this Love place I am in.
I love you.


There are so many days that I have to put on that "mask" to go to work. When I come home and if my daughter is at her dad's and it's just me I take the "mask" off and turn to my music. Because it's always there for me. And now I have found you. To listen to you with my candles burning in the dark, is so good for my soul. Thank you again,

Lovedrunk is a very important mystical and spiritual album.

Rumi: Lovedrunk vibrates with my soul. Despite listening to it repeatedly, I never get tired of it. It brings solace to my aching soul. Thank You for your exceptional music and translation of Rumi's poetry.

Your music had a very healing effect on me, when I was in the middle of a major life crisis, a couple of years ago. Now my life is at that point that I am full of love and real life job to begin. I want to thank you.

Total inspiration...thank you soul feeder.



Shahram Shiva's voice brings alive the timeless soul of our beloved Rumi.
Hazel Patterson
Yoga Instructor

The music is beautiful and the lyrics are powerful. The production values are excellent. Great work!
Todd Stiefel
Stiefel Freethought Foundation

I have been truly enjoying your amazing LOVE EVOLVE CD. Thanks for developing your gift into such a set of skills and for combining the art with the consciousness and sharing it with the world. In appreciation of you and gratitude for sharing your art with me. Keep up the great work!
Foster Gamble
Founder of the Thrive Movement

LOVE EVOLVE radiates a beautiful and inspiring message for our dynamic ever changing world. Shahram Shiva has the ability to fuse modern, progressive new age / chill-out music and sounds with profound spiritual insights. His hypnotic voice and empowering poetry sounds effortless and blends beautifully with the pulsating, smooth and ever evolving soundtracks. Very unique - highly recommended.
Suzanne Doucet

Sometimes provoking, sometimes tender, yet always dynamic, Love Evolve blends poetry and music for a unique sonic experience. Intense percussion, soaring female vocals and trance inducing rhythms create the backdrop, while Shahram Shiva masterfully recites original poetry along with some of his favorite Rumi translations. This is one you don't want to miss.
Bette Timm
Music Reviewer

Shahram Shiva's CD LOVE EVOLVE is catching the world by storm. It is an album of original songs & Rumi inspirations. This is the 2nd CD from Shahram, after "Rumi: Lovedrunk." LOVE EVOLVE is dynamic, exciting, adventurous and captivating. The dramatic messages and music is transformative. Each track has it's own story and sound. Modern, hypnotic, it will rock your soul.
Gary Goldberg, radio host
"In The Spirit"
on & WRPI-FM

LOVE EVOLVE is a creation born from a heart of love, that of Shahram Shiva. Shahram has dedicated much of his life to the study and translation of the great poet Rumi. This album features songs by Rumi, and also five original pieces by Shahram himself, which are very uplifting for the soul. These original works include "This is Enlightenment," "Love Evolve," "Be Guiltless," "Control," and "Light + Dark = One." From his depth and wisdom springs his artistic creations, which are now a blessing to all who hear.

Things come to us at the right time, and that is when this music came to me. When I was ready to hear it, accept it, know it, resonate with it, evolve with it and become part of it. I'm sure this music will also come to many of you who are ready for it, you with a beautiful and "progressive heart" as Shahram so eloquently puts it. Shahram, thank you for being a "shower of shine" and giving us this incredible music to help us to continue to evolve through love as a culture and as a people and as ultimately one eternal and connected being.
Laura Sullivan
Pianist & Composer
2014 GRAMMY winner

Wow, those words are really beautiful and inspiring. Felt like a new person after listening - thanks!
Wouter Kellerman
2015 GRAMMY winner

One of my fav tracks is Dance Universe, it combines natural grooves with electric and almost has a reggae jazz feel to it. I like the smooth drum programming.

Very cool guitar work on "Control" brings the '70's in a new light used with spoken work. Could imagine this played in a nice setting anywhere from great bar to home drawing the listener in.

Love Evolve = Great combination of various instruments. Shahram, great job on taking the listener to an unforgettable journey.
Pop Artist

I enjoyed listening to your album, "Love Evolve." You have a great voice for sure. I found your work to be very thought provoking yet enjoyable to listen to. It was interesting how your voice (deeper vocal register) was contrasted by the higher female vocalists. Well done there!!! The rhythmic element provides that visceral reaction with the help of the electronic effects setting up a pleasing atmosphere. The lyrics got me thinking though. Thank you!
Leonardo Le San
Pianist & Composer

I love it. Groovy music with great message. Totally what the world needs now. I love Shahram Shiva's voice. The tone is very soothing. I think I'll use some of the tracks in a movement or ecstatic dance class.
Alana Lee
Yoga Instructor

I believe that music has so much influence in our world and especially today, we need to put things out there that are positive and healing. I believe that Love Evolve does a great job of bringing positivity and healing into people's lives.
Ashley Holm
Ashley Holm Yoga

Thank you for LOVE EVOLVE. What a voice! Both Rumi's and Shahram Shiva's words are so incredibly powerful, you get taken away with them.
Sarah Ezrin
Sarah Ezrin Yoga

Music on cd is beautiful and the poetry, haunting and addictive! The more often you hear it, the deeper the messages.
Renee Devereaux

I am blown away by the songs. They are amazing. Wow, very powerful, touching and uplifting. Love Evolve will impact the lives of the masses and spread love & light to all.

LOVE EVOLVE is going to change the world. Shahram Shiva is clearly trying to raise the vibration of the planet. His voice is beautiful; he talks/sings with conviction and it comes through.I sense and feel his message with great respect. The world needs more music like this. His voice will touch millions. The song "No Religion" makes me feel like it is what everyone needs to hear but can't because they have earmuffs on. "Control" brought me to tears.

This is a beautiful & unconventional album... it will definitely take you to new places. Give a listen!

Very hypnotic, interesting fusion project, fusing the sensual with the progressive wandering spirit. EvoluteLoveAboveAllElse.
Barry Strutt

Great energy and sounds! Love Dance Universe!
Lee Whitaker

Wow I really love your submission. It really moved my soul! I lov music like this which has universal appeal.
Kevin Lukas

I was really digging 'This is Enlightenment'- I really did feel like I was hypnotized! I also thought your cover was beautiful.
Alisha Gaddis

I just heard Love Evolve. I like, I think is a very innovative piece of work. My favorites No Religion and Control.
Ciro Hurtado

Your music wraps me in a very high atmosphere, where I can free my creativity, my desires and want to share a new vision of myself and the universe in which we live. I always looked for a form of expression, where there was a balance between the ethereal, mystical, art and knowledge, in harmony with time in which we live and Love Evolve is that. I found Love Evolve in a style that looks great in any environment and to mark important moments with a special magic. Your voice make me fly.

I listened to the album from start to finish without even one pause. It was captivating. The words, the messages, the melodies just flowed. Maybe even trance-like? I was really absorbed by the spoken word and how it was so effectively integrated with the melodies and music. (The words were melodious too! They took on their own melody.) This allows one to really listen and digest and go on the journey with the artist. I was able to REALLY listen to the words. I wanted to. They asked me questions and commanded that I question myself. I heard different musical genres influencing the various background beats, which really echoed what was being said. One of my favorite tunes was "Light + Dark = One." I love the significance of the title. The tune was very meditative to me, even therapeutic, with its ethereal "ooh's" and soaring woodwinds.
Tara Novie

LOVE EVOLVE has a unique motivational energy. I liked "Control" the best because it made me think about issues I face in my everyday life, and issues everyone around me faces too. With all the songs I like how each genre is specifically chosen to accompany the poems/lyrics. The energy in each song matches a unique kind of meditation experience - one that is not just for someone who needs to be soothed, but for someone who wants to look inside of themselves and figure themselves out. Overall it's very unique and very different.
Minoti Vaishnav

I downloaded Love Evolve from iTunes. It's cool because I can listen to it right on my iPhone. It's actually more jazzy and psychedelic than I realized at first. Great mystical lyrics, hypnotic vocals with some futuristic touches... But the flute and drums keep it earthy. Very danceable. Really nice!

Fascinating, mind-altering album, with beautiful empowering poetry set to jazzy psychedelic music. Very sensual too! It seems to get deeper every time I listen to it.
via iTunes

It took repeated listening to fully realize what a powerful transformative energy it has. It really helped me confront certain issues that I've been trying to deal with "spiritually" for a long time.

Listening to LOVE EVOLVE is like opening the door after a long day to find my sacred Lover has lit the candles and incense and prepared a delicately sensuous meal which he offers me by hand.

Your work carries the blessing of the universe.

Mr. Shahram Shiva has evolved love in a way that was never ever seen before. I believe it would remain exclusive for many years to follow.

soul food- music combined with love.

The more I listen to it, the more I loveeeeeeeeee it! My heart goes buum, buum, bumm :-) Its so awesome, beautiful,... I am loosing myself in it! Its really Great! I get Wings AND fly, whirl around. Thank you!

The message is beautiful, starting with "love yourself" and moving through poems with deep, universal messages of love and the heart. Sometimes I feel as though Shahram Shiva is talking to me, sometimes he is talking to my lover, and I love how this message is tied up in the last track, which is what I would want my ideal lover to say.

I really like the chorus in #4 No Religion: "Tonight I see the joy in me", the Latin inspired rhythm in #6 Light + Dark = One, and the funky groove of #7 Dance Universe. I love that the last track is focused on Shahram Shiva reading, a great choice for the ending.

The music, the way that Shahram Shiva sings it, just makes a total connection to the person who is listening. It is very heart touching and relaxing way, I feel I experience it when I am listening.

And the translation from the poems are super amazing and meaningful. Ihave been reading lots of English and French translations for Rumi but most of them are kind of confused and lose the track in the meaning.

I have been really enjoying Love Evolve. The more I listen, the more I enjoy it. What's very cool about it is that it can cater to all taste of music. There is almost a little bit of everything in it and Shahram Shiva sounds just fantastic . It is so different than all other junk that's out there. I think the idea about is so darn smart and the execution is fantastic. It's a winner.

Song “Love’s Touch” is based on a Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva, it has a down-tempo trip hop beat. The electric guitar gives the piece a deep sensual feel. The melody is so well produced that it seems natural for–13th century mystical lyrics–to be showcased with a mix of soul, funk, and jazz. "Love’s Touch” transports the listener to that place where universal love becomes everything. This track is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Ambriel Revolution
by Jessica Lang

Song “This is Enlightenment” is an acoustic rendition of Shahram Shiva’s original lyrics. The piano, guitar, and bass mixed with electronic sounds produce a stunning effect. Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of this recording is the lyric, “love yourself,” repeated in 13 different languages. Each repetition introduces a new feminine vocal next to Shahram’s voice, the result is divine. The lyrical composition of this piece is backed with spiritual wisdom.
Ambriel Revolution
by Jessica Lang

Every song has it own story and talks to you in a different dimension based on the lyrics. Love to listen to it. Great job!

I am impressed with the production on the CD i.e. all aspects of the instrumentation which is diverse and masterfully executed, backing arrangements and the general arc of the album.

What I like most about the work is the commanding and yet intimate timbre of Shahram Shiva's voice as he pronounces the positive, yet not overly sweet messages inside of both the poems and his own original lyrics.
Shahram's voice brings alive the timeless soul of our beloved Rumi.

I actually really enjoyed the not-too-serious almost wry disposition that the performer assumes in his deadpan delivery of this mystical poetry which invites the listener to chuckle occasionally at the surprisingly casual, off-beat directions that the lyrics veer off into. Resultantly, the audience remains pleasantly amused and awake to the thought-provoking content of the material their lips parted in anticipation of the next words.

Meanwhile, the tracks have a tremendous rhythm and power about them, are well differentiated, consistent and in some cases downright catchy and danceable!

This is a most unusual album that stands out amid vast oceans of blah, new-agey wanna-be-both-spiritual-seeker-AND-hipster/raver-at-the-same-time! experimentations which are largely useless as yoga music because of the unevenness of the content. Typically these afore mentioned works sneak out of the gate with simpering tamboura and meditative India-inspired sound effects but inevitably, half way through the track, gallop astray into a wild tempest of dance beats which leave the unsuspecting teacher/DJ running for the remote to turn the offending cacophony down in an attempt to try and bring a return to the calm ambiance we aspire to hold for our students.

Lovevolve stands apart from the norm and contains within it tracks, such as "This is Enlightenment" (my personal favorite) suitable for both the hushed and meditative yoga experience, as well as some racier tracks such as "Dance Universe" and the wonderful "Light + Dark = One" with it's pulsing flirtation of flute and drum, which I imagine would be well received in the more raucous trance-dance/ prana/ shakti flow type offerings.
Hazel Patterson
Yoga Works

It's not every day you hear original refreshing art such as this. It left me with an overall feeling of serenity. It's mysterious and elusive, keeping you interested and wondering, but still very to the point. Making you feel, as well as think. That to me is very important in music. Beautiful!

No hay ninguna duda de que el trabajo que ahora nos ocupa que centra en el amor. Se puede escuchar la palabra love en multitud de ocasiones y en cada uno de los 10 temas que forman este magnífico trabajo. Y en mi opinión, teniendo en cuenta que es una de las palabras más bellas que podemos escuchar, utilizarla como leitmotiv de Love Evolve es todo un acierto.

Como la calidad musical de este trabajo está también a muy alto nivel, este Cd ha sido denominado como un Himno para Mentes y Espíritus Progresivos. Shahram Shiva es poeta, autor de varios libros, además de traductor y profesor de poemas de Rumi. Es necesario decir que Rumi fue un famoso poeta Persa del Siglo XIII (el propio Shahram Shiva narió en Irán y es de origen persa, aunque afincado en Estados Unidos).

Shahram Shiva se dedica a la traducción de los poemas del muy reconocido poeta persa desde 1988, publicando varios libros con dichos poemas ya traducidos y realizando conciertos y talleres básicamente en Estados Unidos. También ha publicado dos discos, utilizando parte de los poemas de Rumi traducidos al inglés, que son Love Evolve, publicado en 2012 y RUMI: Lovedrunk (una versión remasterizada se publicó también en el año 2012)

Love Evolve está formado por 10 temas. En 5 de ellos, Shahram Shiva recita poemas de Rumi, mientras que en los otros 5, lo hace con poemas creados por él mismo. Para ello se deja acompañar por los siguientes músicos: Danny Blume (que se encarga de guitarras, bajo, sintetizadores varios, programaciones y mezclas), David Baron (Vibráfono Musse y Piano Yamaha C1, además de varios sintetizadores analógicos como el Moog Modular 3p, Arp 2500, Synton Syrinx y EMS Putney), Simi Stone, también conocida como Simi Sernaker, a las voces adicionales, John Ragusa (flauta, flauta de bambú y trompeta), Jane Scarpatoni (Cello), Alex Alexander (Percusiones y Djembe Eléctrico) y Ben Perowsky (baterías y percusiones). Y precisamente de la unión de la poesía inspiradora de Shahram Shiva los instrumentos tan dispares surge lo auténticamente sorpresivo de este trabajo. Y es que podemos escuchar muchos estilos musicales diferentes, todos ellos perfectamente producidos y con pegada.

Así, Control o Love Evolve tienen influencias de rock, con evidentes pistas de guitarra eléctrica, This is Enlightenment es un corte a medio tiempo, liderado por piano y guitarra acústica, I Have Come to Shine es muy ambiental, con vibráfono y pads suaves arropando la voz de Shahram Shiva, mientras que otros temas son marcadamente Dance (No Religion, Dance Universe) en los que el ritmo muy marcado encaja perfectamente con la voz de Shahram Shiva acompañada sutilmente por la de Simi Stone. El resto de temas incluyen groove, pop, hip hop, trip hop, o algunos toques electrónicos muy propios de los sintetizadores analógicos.

Como he mencionado, el autor utiliza su voz básicamente para recitar poemas. Sin embargo,su forma de recitar no es lineal en absoluto. Por el contrario, resulta muy musical, y encaja a la perfección con todas las piezas del Cd. Su voz, profunda, transmite muy acertadamente (en inglés) su poesía contemporánea y aquella creada hace más de 700 años. Love Evolve es un trabajo dinámico a la vez que espirutual un poderoso ejemplo que cómo mezclar la sensualidad y espiritualidad con música muy moderna y llegar finalmente a buen puerto, a uno fascinante, de hecho. Por otro lado, Love Evolve recibió 3 nominaciones para los premios Grammy del año 2013. Shahram Shiva planea publicar un tercer cd en el futuro, también centrado en el amor, para completar una trilogía.
Jorge Sergio


Books, Talks, Articles & Performances

For the growing number of Rumi admirers and progressive thinkers, the appearance of this book is an important and unique event, providing, as it does, not only a wealth of new and quite beautiful translations but real insight into how the translator goes about his work.
Philip Glass

Tune your ear to Shahram Shiva's studious translations. Books like this may carry us into a wiser, less avaricious, and hopefully more compassionate 21st century.
Andrew Shelling, poet and translator, chair of Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied poetics at the Naropa Institute.

Rumi's poetry is a direct line to the absolute. This is high-voltage material. Read with care.
Larry Dossey, MD, author of Recovering the Soul and Meaning & Medicine

Shahram Shiva will restore the exultation of spirit in your Being. This passion will heal you...
Deepak Chopra

Shahram Shiva embodies the culture, the wisdom and the history of mysticism and spirituality in his very genes.
Deepak Chopra (2000)

These verses are not just meant for the libraries or the classrooms of academia. They are meant to be recited by human lovers and lovers of God. The passion of Rumi expressed in this book by Shahram Shiva will restore the exultation of spirit in your Being. This passion is holy and it will heal you.
Deepak Chopra (1999)

Rumi's poetry is ecstatic. Here, love of God, love of life and human love all merge into one passionate stream. These verses in A Garden Beyond Paradise have evoked my emotions and haunted my soul as nothing has for years.
Deepak Chopra (1992)

We love sharing Shahram Shiva's voice on Huffington Post.
Arianna Huffington

Shahram Shiva's unique and exquisite "Rending The Veil" is highly honoring of Rumi.
Robert Bly

The key to Rumi's quatrains, so faithfully rendered here, is to be found in his own words referring to this meeting that powerful and mysterious dervish, Shems Tabrizi. These words embody the very gist of Sufi philosophy.
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, spiritual leader

Shahram Shiva has offered an evening event of music and whirling for a number of years at Kripalu. It’s an extremely well received offering and Shiva is also very adept at teaching the art of whirling. His Rumi recitation is impassioned and heartfelt – just as Rumi would have liked it!
Martha Williams
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Thank you so much for your stellar presentation and the Rumi poems which you translate and perform magically. Lots of food for thought.
Sandra Dixon
CSL Westlake Village, CA

Since the day we whirled with Shahram Shiva we have not been the same. Bravo!
Michelle Wadleigh
CSL North Jersey, NJ

Shahram Shiva is a prophet of change and transformation. He is setting the pace for the spirituality movement in the US.
Alexander Solomon

The more I dig into Shahram Shiva's work, the more I'm convinced he has pure consciousness running in his veins, the more I see how genuine and sensual he is about the truth.
Rafaella L.

Rumi's Untold Story is a succinct distillation into a biographical memoir that celebrates and honors the unique genius of Rumi and shatters the myths that too often obscure his (and Shams) greatness with their very real human frailties.
G. Anderson

Thank you for the great event!!! Really enjoyed it! It was filled with profound teachings, messages of love, poetry and meditation. Learned so much about Rumi! You rock!
Gohar Y.

Loved your event, very enlightening! Trying to find the poems you read :) Hope you're right that Rumi/mystics are key to the next awakening.
Christina L.

Love Love Love your expression and the depth you brig to your sharing of the divine. Your words touch the root of the root of my soul.
Deborah B.

Had the pleasure of tuning in to your broadcast last Thursday with beloved friend Gary Goldberg on WRPI, and was so captivated, rather than enter the bldg. for a noon mtg. I was to be involved in, sat in the parking lot for over an hour drinking in the energies exuded through your resonant voice and powerful message.

Thank you so much for your time and for the energy you put into the workshop. I really enjoyed the experience and content - much of it resonated. And was different to what I had heard and seen before in a more authentic, substantive way.
Lisa P.

Thank you for assisting me in my affirmations that We are God. I often wonder how people will react when I greet them with "thou art God" and see how they respond. Love is everything. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your love.
Leslie W.

Rarely have I heard thoughts and understandings of who we are as the creators of our universe - old souls or young souls - as precisely and clearly expressed as by you in your recent interview.

To an open mind Shahram Shiva's words are rain drops to a thirsty field. Thanks for your wonderful essays.
Dilwaz Ismî

Shahram Shiva is the George Carlin of spirituality. He is potent, authentic and real.
Stephanie M. F.

I saw you perform at the Open Center and was moved to tears.
Jamie Neiroda

I have been an avid reader of Rumi for years--his poetry has changed my life. I once thought that Coleman Barks did the only good translations, until I heard you at a Rumi Festival at UNC, Chapel Hill, 4/5 years ago. Two of your poems knocked me out--it was not only your translations but your inflection and cadence in your readings which do not come across in print. They were "You Worry Too Much" & "Lover Me." I read "You Worry Too Much" at least weekly which gives me great faith! I've been waiting years for your CD. Thank you!
Martin "Yusuf" Pioggia
North Carolina

I had the pleasure of being at your Woodstock event and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. I felt joy, peace, and I didn't realize until later but I also felt energized. Thank you for reaffirming those things that I think I know. The music was fabulous and the whole program, well lets just say, it made me smile. Thank you,

Excellent work on "RENDING THE VEIL!" A few years ago I was dealing with a life threatening disease and your book was my best companion and source of strength. I was at such peace with myself and everything that was going on around me. Thanks!

I want you to know that I feel more connected to Rumi after reading your books and visiting your blogsite. It inspired me to write about my journey and how Rumi gives meaning to what I have experienced along the way.

Shahram Shiva's words resonate with me specially with his article on religion versus spirituality, and I appreciate that he touched upon the concept that even this idea of "spirituality" has become a religion. I have gotten caught up in others' ideas and rules in regards to certain spiritual concepts, and I do feel that has the opposite effect of what we are working towards; awakening to our true selves and freely navigating this lifetime while we experience it. One thing that particularly helped me this week was his article on Ego being a good thing.

I love your posts and your poetry and especially how much you love beautiful Rumi. When I feel there is no beauty left on this plane I read Rumi and am healed. I love the way you read his work. Thank you for your inspirational posts.

Most amazing page! Rumi's verses keep me sane! And your notes that I read today are just in resonance with my own inner thoughts, and it feels lonely sometimes as there are no platforms to echo these thoughts. Myself a physicist, and Quantum Physics and all its experiments have been just pointing to all that you say, or Rumi has ever said! Thanks Shahram Shiva..I am delighted to be on this page!

An evening of hearing Rumi’s poetry read by Shahram Shiva was pure bliss. Since Shahram is Persian himself, he embodies the heart of Rumi’s culture as well as the passion of our universal spiritual yearnings. And the whirling just has to be experienced first-hand. So simple and effective, you will touch the essence of ecstasy in a few easy steps.

If you want to know what mysticism is all about, Shahram Shiva’s evening of poetry, music, and whirling take you there. After Shiva read Rumi to great music, we whirled like stars in the heavens, literally! Try it! Whirling is an amazing, almost out-of-body experience. I can’t wait to do it again.

Mysticism in our midst is the only way to describe this event. You will be amazed, moved, and thrilled. Don’t miss it.

I attended the event you held at NYOC last night. I was speechless then and all I can say now is that it was utterly spectacular. I have been around the world and experienced numerous cultural events. This one right here in NY, was the most original, witty, funny and spiritual of all. Thank you for keeping our heritage and literature alive. I told all my friends about you and we will definitely see you in your upcoming performances.

Your eyes, in person and in this photo, make me feel as if Rumi is looking through them. You translate so much more than his words... you paint pictures in our minds as if our minds were the canvas' and Rumi's thoughts were the colors. Thank you for making Rumi's passion come alive.

Shahram Shiva is the younger, hipper, sexier and more intense Deepak Chopra.
Katherine Harrison

Shahram Shiva is amazing! He translates Rumi in a way no one could!

Rumi speaks right through my being. But the problem with other translations is that they are not earthly enough and way too wordy and "pretty," and that is not Rumi's way of speaking of the emotions and the heart. Rumi speaks earth and those who translate him do not see deep into his heart so they fly up high and detach from his true meaning. The way Shahram Shiva translates is just the way Rumi would have LOVED it.
Marta Machabeli

In Islam, the spiritual and literary influence of Jelaluddin Rumi is so pervasive that the name of the 13th-century Persian Sufi leader is prefaced by the reverential term ``Maulana'' (``our master''). Rumi, notes scholar Peter Lamborn Wilson in his preface to this beguiling addition to the current Rumi vogue in the West, ``can only be compared to such Occidentals as Dante and Shakespeare.'' Nonetheless, translating Rumi's astonishingly vast legacy with accessible accuracy is almost defiantly problematic due to the combined difficulties first of parsing the ancient language in which it was recorded and then of helping Western minds to grasp the manifold nuances of the poet's transcendant vision of the Beloved (i.e., God). But native Iranian Shahram Shiva (A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi with Jonathan Star) leaps the cross-cultural chasm with engaging panache. Of the 2000 quatrains amassed in Rumi's Divvan-e Shams-e Tabrizi, Shiva has chosen 252, rendering them simultaneously in the original Persian, in verbatim English transliterations and in faithfully polished translations. The result of this interactive method is a book that provides insight into the art of translating while plumbing the depth of Rumi's inspired passion. Included are a glossary of terms, a reference guide to Persian mysticism and a bibliography.
Publishers Weekly

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