Shahram Shiva's latest book
"Transformative Whirling: Shahram Shiva's Unique & Proven 4-Step Method to Whirling"
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Whirling is for all of humanity and does not belong to any one part of the world, a certain religion or a spiritual sect. People from all countries and all faiths have been turning, spinning or whirling since the beginning of time.

When you watch children spin don't you envy their fun? Children everywhere love the freeing sense of spinning, and it doesn't matter what continent they are twirling on. Whirling belongs to all of humanity.

Shahram Shiva has invented a unique new breakthrough technique that makes it possible for all of us to turn comfortably, competently, without any dizziness or discomfort. The beauty of Mr. Shiva's system and key to its success are in its simplicity.

Whirling is as natural to us as walking. As mentioned above we have been whirling for thousands of years. Our universe manifests its energy through the spiral, hence as we whirl we harmonize with this energy; we tap into the core of our universe.

Whirling affects you on physical, mental, spiritual and psychological levels. Whirling can instantly change your mood. It can brighten it and bring a smile to your face.

Whirling is a meditative movement and a form of meditation. Whirling can almost instantly create a state of meditation. Shahram Shiva calls it "active meditation" vs. the classic Buddha posture which he calls "passive meditation." This active form of meditation helps center the body and the mind within a short few minutes.

Whirling is an ancient form of centering and meditation. It has been used in many spiritual cultures throughout the world. Through whirling we harmonize with the energy of the creation and form a more positive energy around us. Dervishes drop their black cloaks (a representative of their bodies) and begin to whirl as divine entities wearing all white. They believe that while they are whirling they are closest to being divine.

Whirling is a wonderful form of zero to low impact exercise. Whirling is also good for weight loss. Practicing whirling on regular basis will keep you lean, vibrant and full of energy.

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"The wind is mightiest
when it whirls


When you dance the whole universe dances.

All the realms spun around you in endless celebration.

Your soul loses its grip.

Your body sheds its fatigue.

Hearing my hands clap and my drum beat,

You begin to whirl.

--Rumi by Shiva

All matter in our universe is in a constant state of spinning, from subatomic particles to solar systems and galaxies. Every particle in our body and all that is around us are already spinning. Actually the Milky Way galaxy that our solar system is a part of is spinning in a spiral fashion as you read this.

Shahram Shiva's method is based on basic laws of physics and the common thread between all physical manifestations. This method is non-ritualistic by design. Students by following this proven method without any prior training can begin whirling immediately.

Since 1995, Mr. Shiva has helped tens of thousands of people to whirl comfortably and competently. Some of his whirling students, including Deepak Chopra, teach this method in their workshops.

Shiva's guided group whirling has been featured on CNN, and has been taught for many years at Kripalu Center, Omega Institute, NY Open Center among many other universities and institutions. He has worked with choreographers and stage directors. He has performed and has trained dancers to whirl at New York's Joyce and LaMama theaters. He has also trained the actor Robert Downey Jr. to whirl in the movie Game 6.

Mr. Shiva conducts whirling workshops on regular basis and has so far successfully worked with groups as large as 400, although even larger groups can easily be guided. He envisions stadiums filled with whirling enthusiasts, spinning in unison. His popular 4-step method is now available in a new book, see below.

Shahram Shiva's latest book
"Transformative Whirling: Shahram Shiva's Unique & Proven 4-Step Method to Whirling"
is now available as
Amazon Kindle
& Paperback.


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